12 November 2007

Tregarth figure 8

Quick ride through Bethesda and Tregarth if you're short of time... (29.03 mi.)

Llanberis Pass anti-clockwise

This route differs marginally from the clockwise version, due to the one-way streets in Bangor...

100 mile loop from 60 Holyhead Road

OK, so it's apparently only 99.22 mi according to MapMyRide but close enough. Great ride with a little bit of everything: Long climbs, steep climbs, rolling hills, fast descents, loooong descents, coasts, rivers, forests, fields...

04 November 2007

Bangor-Bryngwyran and back on the A5 (35.34 mi.)

A flat and fast out-and-back route from Bangor to the A5/A55 junction on the Holyhead side of Bryngwyran.

Llanberis Pass clockwise

One of my favourite rides in NW-Wales. This loop is 60km, close to 40 miles and perfect for an evening ride after work or for a (very?) lazy weekend ride...