22 September 2018

27 August 2018

Quitting Facebook

In the spring of 2017 I happened to come across this Ted video:
After watching it I checked my iPhone to see how much time I actually spent on Facebook - the FB app was by far the major battery drain... I spent several hours / day checking my FB page, mostly to discover that nothing at all had happened, despite having close to 1000 friends.

Coupled with the message in Adam Alter's research (see the video!), I decided to quite FB and Twitter. I deleted my accounts within a week. Well...FB takes about 2 weeks to delete, as they want you to be really sure you want to leave.

What has changed since? Absolutely nothing. I still get party invitations, hang out with friends, go to 'secret' events etc. I just get the info in the old-fashioned ways: from newspapers(!), flyers in cafes, friends who call me and ask me if I want to come along for this and that.

FOMO is soooo overrated. You're not missing out on anything because most of the time absolutely nothing happens anyway. And if something worth your time actually happens, then you'll find out in most cases anyway, w/o FB or Twitter.

>>99% of the time I spent on FB was absolutely wasted and of no use to me whatsoever. I get more work done and I have more time to hang out, read, do exercise etc., than I had before.

I still have my LinkedIn account, but I am contemplating letting that go too. Oh, and a Flickr account (if that still counts as social network?), but that'll stay!!

The entire premise that you need a social network account to have a social life, or to stay up-to-date with current events, is entirely false.

You're not missing out an anything at all!

13 September 2014

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 - riding to Paris and back from Denmark?

PBP 2015 is a year out. A month ago I was looking at a map and thought that it didn't look that far from Denmark (Esbjerg, to be precise) to Paris. Turns out it is just shy of 1200 km... So naturally, the thought appeared that I could ride to Paris from Denmark, ride PBP and then ride home to Denmark again. Should make for a nice summer holiday!

So here is my tentative plan for (some of) August 2015:

7-8: Esbjerg-Wischhafen - 251 km
8-8: Wischhafen-Lingen - 237 km
9-8: Lingen-Helmond - 183 km
10-8: Helmond-Aalst - 167 km
11-8: Aalst-Compiegne - 238 km
12-8: Compiegne-St Quentin en Yvelines - 107 km
13-8: Rest
14-8: Rest
15-8: Rest
16-8 (late pm): PBP - 1200 km
17-8: PBP
18-8: PBP
19-8: PBP
20-8: Rest
21-8: Rest
22-8: St Quentin en Yvelines-Aubigny-au-Bac - 214 km
23-8: Aubigny-au-Bac-Herentals - 210 km
24-8: Herentals-Doetinchem - 177 km
25-8: Doetinchem-Oldenburg - 205 km
26-8: Oldenburg-Heide - 205 km
27-8: Heide-Esbjerg - 180 km

It is about 3650 km in 20 days. Seems totally doable with some planning and winter practice... More to come!

12 May 2013

Hvilken kaffe byder du uventede gæster?

Her i Seattle er Gevalia lige så dyrt som Starbucks - ikke noget mainstream kaffe over markedsføringen her! 

Danish Vanilla...?!?

As my home country is not famous for its huge vanilla production this makes no sense. On the other hand it's *very* tasty!