03 May 2007

Documented flaw in Apple iBookG4

The Danish Consumer Complaints board (DCC) now have technical evidence that it is a design flaw in the Apple iBook G4 that have caused iBook users all over the world a great deal of pain in the last couple of years. According to the findings of the board, a solder joint between two components loosens slightly every time the computer is turned on and off. Eventually it breaks off completely and the owner is left with a blank screen. The fact that the DCC now has proven that it is a design flaw causing the blank screen means that iBook owners can get their computer fixed even after the 1-year warranty has expired. You can fix the problem yourself, but will totally loose the portability of the iBook...


Gavin said...

Hi. My iBook has just suffered exactly that problem - blank screen but the computer works fine.

Do you happen to know if Apple are planning on letting customers in countries other than Denmark get their iBooks repaired free of charge? It's obviously an international problem so you would have thought they should!


GreatDane said...

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't know what the situation is on other countries where customers have had similar problems. The best I can suggest is to have a look at Apple's support website and the discussion board there.