03 February 2008

Snail-sex for kids

Just posting this because it makes for an unusual title.  In Denmark more than 300 schools take the kids outside for hands-on learning in the so-called nature lessons ('naturklasser' in Danish). (link in Danish only, sorry).  The lessons are hugely popular with the kids, a girl in 2nd grade (8-9 years old) said to The National Association of Schoolparents magazine:  "We taste and look at a lot of stuff. We have tasted white carrots and parsnip, we have looked at dead animals and cleaned the meat of their heads so we can have a skull-collection.  We have also looked at snail-sex and that was fun."

Cool, good that kids get outside and study nature while in school.  But they should of course study some more geoscience instead of looking at snails having sex.  

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