17 August 2008

International Super Randonneur!

Woohoo!  Yesterday I received my International Super Randonneur (ISR) badge as proof that I have completed a 200, 300, 400, and a 600 km brevet in 4 different countries, as follows:
200 k: 24 march 2007 in the UK.
300 k: 6 september 2004 in Canada.
400 k: 9 may 2007 in Spain.
600 k: 7 june 2008 in USA.

-I also received a copy of the ISR roll of honour. I'm the latest addition and #54. An exclusive club!

My ISR brevet card, front and back:

SIR Brevet Card - front & back.jpg

My ISR brevet card, inside showing the 4  brevets:

SIR brevet card - brevets.jpg

My ISR badge:
SIR badge.jpg

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