07 September 2010


Tuesday morning practice. It's 3 sets. Each set you do 8 strokes at power, then rest for a bit (30 seconds in this case), then you do another 8. Repeat until you've done this 10 times. First set you do all the power strokes at 24 strokes per minute (spm), 2nd set at 26 spm, 3rd set at 24 spm. Do 20 spm between repeats, when you're resting.

This set is the 2nd interval. Couldn't count properly after first set, as you can see. Also, stroke rate was a bit high for the 2nd set. But otherwise not too bad. Was told to initiate my drive a little bit faster after the catch, in order to get quicker through the drive and get a slightly longer recovery at that rate.

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