04 June 2008

Aw, uh, oh

Ooh, aw, uh – I had a spectacular crash this morning on my way in to work, at the bottom of a rather steep hill, so I was going somewhat fast.  At the bottom was a slight bend to the right, the pavement was slightly moist and there were a few leaves on the road.  WHAM! – I skid out on the wet pavement and tore up my new! $99! bike shorts and my new! $15! RUSA socks and my new! $70 high-visibility bicycle jacket.  

It was a textbook crash.  I was in the midle of the turn at th bottom, leaned to the right and suddenly BOTH tires started to skid.  I just had time to think 'Oh noes, I'm going down, I don't want to!!' - WHAM! First my right pedal hit the ground, then in fast order my right foot, right handlebar (had a chunk taken out of it!)  right hip and right elbow, so the bike took a big part of the impact, as it should. I then slid a 5-10 meters or so sitting on my butt on the pavement into the oncoming lane (I was on the bike path so no heavy traffic!)  When everything stopped I laid there for a few seconds, making sure that I could still feel everything (oh yeah, I could feel a lot!)  After having completed the all-systems check I got up, with some difficulty.  I was pleased to note that my knees were virtually unharmed because I kept them together 'inside' the frame when I crashed.  My hands were also in great shape even though I was riding without gloves.  But I had kept my hands on top of the handlebars while going down, so they never touched the ground.  

I was in some pain after pulling myself up, and noted a roadrash on my right elbow and that I had a very sore right buttock where I had landed... After I got up I walked up to the next intersection (25 m away), got back on the bike and continued into work, very slowly at first but getting better after 10 mins or so.  The shower did hurt a bit when the hot water hit the spots where my skin had been stripped off... Now it hurts when I sit down, and I have to be slanted to the left, to remove the pressure from my butt. What’s worse, I’m having problem drinking coffee as it hurts when I bend my right elbow... 

I'll be OK in a week or so, in the mean time I hope to ride the pain off on the SIR 600 km brevet this coming weekend.  Also, my gorgeous red and white Roberts was fine. Very fine actually - after the crash I just picked it up and rode on. Nothing bent or our of alignment or adjustment. The wheels were both fine, the shifting worked as it should. Everything worked, which was really pleasing having spent the better part of $6K on it back in 2003.

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