03 June 2008

A night with PZ Myers

Pharyngula's master, PZ Myers, gave a talk at the Pacific Science Center last night.  The topic of his talk was "On Science, Blogs and Intelligent Debates."

The main message to take home from his talk was that scientists should let their passion and excitement about their science shine through whenever they are communicating it to the public.  Nothing makes the general public go cold as a talking head with a labcoat. I hadn't though too much about that before but I think he is right - sometimes it can be hard to figure out if you're watching a commercial for hair shampoo or if it is a Nobel Laureate talking about her latest discovery.  

When I think about all the  excursions and trips I went on as an (under)graduate, every single one of them was a hit with virtually all the students.  And the reason was that it was obvious that the teachers were excited about the stuff they were showing us, and it showed all the time; 24/7.  That is something that rarely is seen in the media these days, the excited scientists.  But the fact is, we're actually quite excited about the work we're doing most of the time, so it's just a matter of getting it to show and then people will start to take notice.

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